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Syndol website

Syndol is a painkiller effective at relieving the pain caused by headaches and migraines. The client had decided on the strap-line Head for a better place and the concept was to show that Syndol effectively restored calm. The website needed to be easy to navigate but also show imagery that would make the user feel calm and relaxed whilst combining imagery from the TV commercial.

The brief

Sanofi wanted a website to promote the relaunch of their newly acquired painkiller Syndol. The concept was that the drug restores calm by relieving the pain caused by headaches and migraines. The website needed to combine clam, peaceful imagery with shots from the TV advertisement. There was to be a section called ‘My Better Place’ where users could view beautiful, peaceful imagery from around the world, listen to serine, calming music streaming through Soundcloud and also pick up tips on exercise and meditation.

The solution

This project was slightly unusual as the client had already decided on the concept, strapline and some of the content of the website before we worked on it. In addition to this we went straight to design rather than wireframing due to a very tight timeline to coincide with the airing of the TV commercial.

I worked on the visual design of the site incorporating the initial design concept which was supplied to us of the woman’s head emerging from the storm. I chose imagery I felt would give it the clam and gentle feeling the client requested. I also tried to break down the content into small, easy to read sections. I also designed how the site worked responsively so it wouldn’t be a headache to use on small devices!

My ideas for the ‘My Better Place’ section was for the site to search for tagged content such as ‘#chill’, ‘#relax’ on Soundcloud and stream this onto the site as the user was browsing with a control to skip through if the track was suitable. The idea for the imagery was that the user could download or share their preferred location and use it as a screensaver or desktop picture.

The site was launched to coincide with the airing of the TV commercial and helped promote the successful relaunch of the Syndol brand.