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Sentencing Council

I have worked extensively on the Sentencing Council’s digital projects. Firstly on their website which involved moving the Magistrates Sentencing Guidelines, a printed piece that was large and cumbersome (and made up of a number of differing design styles). Making it web friendly and easy for users to search and view, whilst also allowing the Council to easily amend and make updates on a regular basis. In addition to this I worked on the design of a tablet based app of the sentencing guidelines to be used by Magistrates.

The brief

The objective was to develop an app that would complement but also enhance the web experience giving Magistrates greater flexibility. Whilst staying up-to-date and in sync with the many updates to the guidelines that take place.
It would also remove the risk, “What if the Wi-Fi was unavailable?” The development of the Fines calculator was particularly important to allow Magistrates to make complex calculations from within the app.

The solution

I designed an app that presented the online version in a logical and touch friendly way, allowing Magistrates to easily swipe through information whether online or not.

Working closely with the development team we crafted the app so that updates to the online content could easily be transferred to the app version, keeping everyone on the same page.

Following user centred design principles Magistrates were invited to feedback and test at the wireframe and prototype stages to shape and refine the experience. The comments received lead to the generation of a bookmarking feature, allowing Magistrates a quick and simple way to compile pages of the guidelines.

The app is being used by Magistrates in a number of Magistrates courts across the country. It is currently in the process of being rolled out nationally.

Magistrate feedback

Excellent functionality – fines calculator, recent updates etc. At last it’s free!