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Maalox Plus website

Maalox plus is a trapped wind, bloating and heartburn remedy. Sanofi needed a website to promote the product and give people useful information on these symptoms.

The brief

Sanofi needed a site to promote their trapped wind and indigestion remedy product Maalox. The subject of ‘trapped wind’ could have had quite a few amusing concepts but the user research made us understand that this is a painful condition and taking that approach would more than likely deter visitors if the content was not serious. The site needed to be clear and easy to navigate with useful information and some slightly light hearted interactive elements. It also had to take into consideration an ad concept ‘inside/outside’ which showed metaphorical images of heartburn, indigestion and bloating, this concept has already been worked into a television advert in France that was to be shown in the UK.

The solution

I worked on the wireframing of the site to show how a user will navigate through the site and also showing how the interactive elements such as the ‘World of Wind’ map worked. I produced interactive wireframes which were used for testing. I then worked on the visual design of the site incorporating an adopted concept from a TV advert and working within the brand guidelines that already existed for Maalox.