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I designed the website for HMIC, working extensively on the development of PEEL (the annual assessment of police forces in England and Wales). From initial wireframes through to the final design of the PEEL wheel ensuring there was a solution across all screen sizes. I am continuing to work on HMIC projects and am currently helping them develop the way they display and share their data on the website.

The brief

HMIC needed a clear and visual way to display the evidence from its annual all-force inspections. The evidence is used to assess the effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy of the police. It needed to be clear, work across all devices and meet AA accessibility standards.

The solution

The client was keen to display the results in a wheel diagram. I designed the ‘Wheel of PEEL’ which showed the results of the assessments for all forces on a ‘pillar’ level and an individual question level. It was important to try to avoid a colour palette that may have had pre determined connotations, so red, orange and green were discounted at an early stage. The results also needed to be easily understood on smaller screen sizes. I decided that a table format would be a better solution as the wheel was not going to work once it got below a reasonable touch target on tablets and mobiles.

I worked with the development team once the initial designs were signed off. We made some small design tweaks at development stage such as closing up the white space on the table view as it was causing users to see shapes appearing in the white space, an unusual trick of the eye we didn’t pick up in the early visuals.

The client was very impressed with the solution and added it is a great tool in meetings as they can access it from any device and be looking and navigating to the same content easily.